Team Nights - You're Invited!!

We have much to rejoice about as a church. God is alive, we are forgiven and adopted as his children. His gospel is powerful and transforming lives and his church continues to grow. The mission is advancing and you and I have been invited to play a part. What a joy!

With this in mind we have a desire to continue to grow and develop as a church in our culture of serving as a team. Therefore - TEAM NIGHTS! and we'd love to have you join us.


We have three main goals for Team Nights:

Vision: Why we do something determines how we do it. Carrying the vision is absolutely vital to your serving experience. LCC has a vision as a whole as does each Ministry Team. At Team Nights the vision of LCC will be spoken into but additionally each Ministry Team Leader will also have the opportunity to continue to cast and clarify the vision of that Team.

Unity: While we are all called to serve God's church and mission, we are ultimately called to serve together. Serving is a communal activity not simply an individual activity. Therefore we believe Team Nights will be essential to help build a sense of team unity whereby we serve together, serve one another and ultimately serve our great King with joy.

Engagement: Your participation matters. As someone who serves in one of our teams we not only want you to continue to learn and grow, we want you to feel valued and apart of that ministry team. Team Nights will effectively help cultivate a sense of engagement from the whole team. These nights just won't be the same without you.


6:45: Doors Open

7:00pm: Adoration (Worship and opening Prayer)

7:10pm: Celebration (Celebrating God's grace in ministry)

7:20pm: Inspiration (Leadership talk)

7:45pm: Vision (teams gathering around vision)

8:50pm: Supplication (For God's continued empowering grace)


Once a term; 4 times a year.

The first will be Thursday June 13th.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Hayley Clarke