Defined simply, the “Family of Churches” model is A family of healthy, interdependent, self-sustaining, church planting churches.

It’s a missional strategy aimed at saturating cities and regions with gospel-centred churches in a way that is healthy for both the sending and the sent church, as it provides substantial stability to all involved. 

The vision of LCC is to be focused on being a sending church not a seating church. We want to equip as many disciples for the mission as possible and believe the best means of doing so is through continually planting more churches on mission. 

Within the Family of Churches, each church is ultimately governed by God and His Word; communally governed by a plurality of Lead Pastors; locally governed by a plurality of biblically qualified elders; and strategically governed by the vision and mission of LCC as a whole in order to achieve the mission of making, maturing and multiplying disciples and communities. 

Furthermore, each church is empowered to accomplish and express the mission locally and contextually, yet not independently. Each church, while not operating as a campus within an over-centralised system, retains enough shared attributes in order to resource, support and catalyse local mission and ministry. 

At LCC, we believe that this is an effective model to enable healthy churches being planted; setting each church planting team up for a win.