The story of Joseph is undoubtedly one of the most gripping and thrilling narratives in the entire Bible. Coming at the tail end of Genesis, it depicts God’s faithfulness to fulfil the covenant that he made with Abraham, by rescuing and preserving the family through whom God was going to bless the whole world.

Joseph is a man who consistently trusted God, despite the fact that he endured incredibly difficult hardships and injustices which were both physically taxing and emotionally costly. “Adversity did not harden his character. Prosperity did not ruin him. He was the same in private as in public. He was a truly great man.”

 Throughout many occasions in this Genesis narrative, Joseph foreshadows the Lord Jesus Christ. He was hated and rejected by his own, and eventually sold for pieces of silver (37:18-28). He was falsely accused and punished for crimes he did not commit (39:11-20). He forgives those who hurt him (45:5) and makes provision to bless and preserve those who rejected him (45:21-28).