Our children (like us adults) need to hear the good news of Jesus daily. They need to be discipled, and to be taught the living word of God. 



Nicky Jackson is our Children’s Ministry Leader. She is married to Matt, and they have three strapping boys of their own.


We have two programs:

Life Kids

Our Life Kids program is for children who are in Kindergarten and older.  We take the kids through the Bible over a 3 year period.  Each week we focus on a bible story & how this relates to Christ - and have HEAPS of FUN in the process.  Kids are encouraged to bring their Bibles and parents are welcomed to stay in their children or join the main service.  We encourage parents to ask questions about the program with their children & our volunteers.  We also encourage to continue the lesson at home during the week and we will be more than happy to provide discussion starters or ideas to facilitate this. 



A supervised creche for children who are crawling and older. Here the kids are free to play with the toys provided.  Many of our children bring a snack & water bottle to creche provided they are able to eat & drink unassisted.  Parents are welcome to stay with their child or join the main service at any time.  Our volunteers will notify you if your child needs to be toileted/ nappy changed or with any other concerns.   


Sign in for both kids programs commences after the praise & worship.

All of our volunteers hold up-to-date blue cards and are vetted by Church Leadership.

If you have any further enquiries or would like to volunteer, please contact us by clicking the button below.