Announcement July '19

Exciting News

Dear LCC,

This past Sunday we deliver some big news. We are excited to announce that we are officially changing our service time. While the 4pm service has served us as a church the time has come to make the change. We are a young growing church and to best serve the church and the mission moving forward a morning service will be most effective. 

Over the past 12 months the #1 reason given by those who have attended but not remained with LCC is the service time. Additionally the #1 request from our own people has been to do a morning service. 

So beginning Sunday, 25th of August 2019 we will begin 9:30am services.

We are unified and absolutely excited about the possibilities this will bring to us as a church on mission. Imagine...

  • Inviting your friends and family to church for a service time that better facilitates relationships with others

  • Post-Church picnics at the lake as a church family

  • Offering coffee hangs at the BT to new people immediately proceeding church

  • Inviting people for a bbq lunch at your place.

  • Attending church before hitting the beach.

  • Sticking around and meeting new people rather than rushing home to get kids fed, bathed, and ready for school the next day.

  • The missional opportunities and possibilities are simply worth it.

We’d love for you to join us as our church planting journey continues. 

Kyllum and Karly

Hayley Clarke