Thank you for your willingness to volunteer and serve in the church.

Below, you will find the areas to serve in, plus a brief description of that role. If you haven’t started serving anywhere yet, Please click the ‘volunteer’ button below to indicate the way you would like to serve.

Life Kids and/or Creche Team.

This role requires you to help support/coordinate the Life Kids and Creche program. You’d need to be there early, and you would miss out on the sermon for that week. Some training is required as well as an up-to-date Blue Card. Hit the button below to see the tasks that you will need to complete for this role:

Music Team.

This role requires you to have a decent measure of musical ability either in singing or playing an instrument. If you can’t sing, we still love you, but we probably won’t be giving you a microphone. You would be required to arrive early for rehearsal and work with the team.


This is running the sound desk or putting the lyrics on the screen. The sound desk requires a bit of knowledge and experience, whereas the lyrics is pretty straight forward. You would need to be there early on the day that you’re rostered on.


This is super simple, but also super vital. It requires putting out the chairs (four rows of 3 and 4 with an aisle down the middle) and the signs, making sure that everything is in its right place, and packing up afterwards.


First impressions are important, and feeling welcomed is often the difference between someone staying at a church or leaving. You need to know how to smile and make small talk.

Service Leader.

This is pretty self-explanatory. You would need to be able to speak in front of people.


This is providing and setting out morning tea each week. There is a $20 budget, and you will be reimbursed for your expenses. There will be people there to help, but we would need you to take the lead role on it.


We love to share what’s going on with the world around us, and photos are a vital way to do that. If you have a decent camera phone and are willing to take 10-20 photos whenever you’re rostered on, you’d be great for this role!

Meeting manager

The Meeting Manager oversees the whole shindig, ensuring everyone has what they need to complete their tasks, and is supported in the roles that they have.